Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sutherland Global Services

"A thousand friends are few; one enemy is too many." -- Russian proverb

The same wisdom applies in the ongoing bitterness between the World renowned company, Sutherland Global Services and few of the terminated employees. This toxic group of disgruntled employees is trying to malign the company’s name and I must admit that they have succeeded in their motives to an extent.

I am part of Sutherland Global Services and it hurts to see how ungrateful people become to serve their own vested interests. I have been with the company since 2004 October and can say that the postings and negative comments that are being circulated all over the web are not completely true. Working conditions in Sutherland Global Services are fine and people do get breaks, commissions, and bonuses. Sutherland takes care of its people genuinely. Those who are unhappy will remain unhappy anyway, no matter what you do for them. Cribbing is the favorite pastime of these grouches.

Regarding terminations, there has not been even a single unlawful dismissal as being alleged by this toxic group. I agree the company has taken strict measures but it was done to ensure discipline and enhance productivity. It happens in every organization. Management has to keep a tab to ensure that no one is misusing company’s assets or leaking out confidential information.

From my first hand experience in Sutherland Global Services, I would like the world know that Sutherland employees work in the finest quality working conditions. The moment you step inside in the Sutherland domain the enthusiasm and the work culture on the floor is something that totally negates the fact that employees in Sutherland Global Services are stressed out due to the workload. It’s my earnest request to all the sensible souls of Sutherland not to let anyone use the situation to serve their selfish interests. And folks believe me; the company is doing well with some of the unproductive resources made to look out for other avenues that match their talent (or the lack of it). To check the remarkable track record of Sutherland Global Services, visit